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We deal in new and used boats, new boats we provide with boat license and registration and we also provide used boats with license and registration in good condition. We deal in all types of boats like

• Runabout Boats     • Tournament Boats     • Wakeboard Boats

• Speed Boats    • Wave Runners and Jet Skis    • Patio and Pontoon Boats

• Day Cruisers

Marine Engine:

We deal in all types of marine engine and equipments new and used both we provide marine engines for

• Yamaha    • Nissan    • Suzuki

• Honda    • Chrysler    • Force

• Mercury    • Johnsons    

Spare Parts:

• Inboard Engines    • Long Blocks    • Power heads & Gear cases

• Quick Silver    • Propellers Exhaust    • Systems Starters

• Water Pumps    • Transmissions    • Alternators

• FWC Kits

Service and Repair:

• Buffing & Waxing,    • Moorings (Set Repair & Sales)    • Boat Lettering

• Bottoms Paintings    • Blister Repairing    • Barrier Coating

• Shrink Wrapping    • Fiber glassing    • Woodworking

• Gel coat Repairs    • Mechanical Repairs    • Electrical Repairs

• Scuba Hull Cleaning    • King Starboard Structures

Ph No:
Yanmar Diesel
Mini Speed Boats
Small Speed Boat
Motor Boat
Sports Boat
Sports Boat
Eagle Mod-Vs
The Eagle Series by Al Ghawas sets the standard for excellence with a complete range of versatile all welded aluminum fishing boats. The Eagle series has a boat to match your style of fishing.
Angler Deep Vs
The rugged Angler Deep V models are dependable, season after season. Multi-species fishing or weekend skiing, there's an Angler V or Guide V made just for you.
Gator Tough Deluxe
These premium Gator Tough jonboats combine durability with custom graphics and added features to become the "beauty of the beast." All backed by Al Ghawas and Yamaha quality.
Sun Catcher Pontoons
Living well and enjoying your free time with family and friends is easy to achieve with a Sun Catcher pontoon by Al Ghawas. Make Sun Catcher your family's "weekend life" preserver.
Contact Address
P.O.Box 77318 Dubai, UAE
+971 4 324 2955
+971 4 324 2855
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